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How to Solve Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia

How to Solve Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia

Solving a riddle is a part of the Ancient Battery quest given to you by Jina during the early hours of Palia. The quest fails to explain which riddle players must solve, and there’s no hint or waypoint to help you out. Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide about solving the Ancient Battery riddle in Palia.  

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How to Solve Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia

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In Palia, you can solve the Ancient Battery quest riddle by heading to the delipidated temple behind Phoenix Falls, which you can access via the small bridge. 

Once inside the temple, go to the location shared below and interact with the locked door to enter the ruins. When you are inside the ruins, keep heading straight till you fill a bowl in the center platform. 

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You must supply something in the bowl that grows life to solve the riddle as it hints: “Knowledge grows the mind even in times of strife. To enter here, you must supply that which grows life.” 

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The solution to the riddle is adding Water using the Watering Can tool into the bowl. Once you do that, the locked door will open, and you will complete the objective, “Solve a Riddle.”

Palia Phoenix Falls Dungeon Location

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To reach the Phoenix Falls dungeon, take the path on the right side upon exiting from your house. Soon you will notice a big waterfall from a distance. 

Use it as a reference and keep heading in that direction. You will eventually come across the bridge that leads inside the Phoenix Falls delipidated temple and the dungeon. 

That concludes our guide on how to solve Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia. Check out our dedicated Palia section for more on the game. 

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How to Solve Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia