How to Sell your NFT Character in MIR4

How to Sell your NFT Character in MIR4

The popular MMORPG MIR4 has many different activities. Players can go through different raids, mine different equipment, and even make money. The developers are constantly adding new features to the game. And recently, a system of selling characters has appeared in the game.

How to Sell your NFT Character

The feature of selling the character appeared on December 14th. You convert your character to NFT.

To turn your character into NFT, you need its Power Score to be over 100,000. Also, the character level must be over 60. Even if you converted your character to NFT, it remains playable. You can further develop the character and this will be displayed in the NFT. But of course, NFT will not be available for sale at this stage.

Now, for your NFT character to be available for sale, you must seal it. As soon as you do this, the character ceases to be playable and is transferred to your WeMix wallet. Now login to your WeMix wallet and go to the NFT Market. There you can set the price of your NFT character. You can also view your submitted NFTs through XDRACO. You just have to wait until someone buys your character. In the WeMix NFT Market, you can view other players’ NFT characters. You can also easily purchase one of these, and then go to MIR4 to import it from your WeMix wallet.

The developers are actively introducing new features related to the online market, so in the future, we should expect even more opportunities to earn money through the game.

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How to Sell your NFT Character in MIR4


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