How to See Yourself on the Map in Ark Survival Evolved

How to See Yourself on the Map in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is an addicting survival game set in an amazing world. After you wake up, with nothing but a couple of rags instead of clothes, you must explore the world, look for food and hide from dangerous animals. To navigate the territory, you can use the map, in this guide we will tell you how to find yourself on the map.

How to See Yourself on the Map

In Ark Survival Evolved, the map works like the most common map in real life. Initially, it is empty, and as you explore the world, the map will also expand, but your character is not marked on it. You need to find landmarks and by them determine where you are, for example, obelisks that are always clearly visible. Also use pay attention to rivers, mountains, and islands. But not all players want to become cartographers to play comfortably. Fortunately, the game has a function to mark the player on the map.

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You can activate this function yourself only when you create a server, or are an administrator. In General Server Settings, scroll down the list and look for Show Map Player Location. Mark it with a tick and after entering the game you will see that your character is displayed on the map with an arrow. Unfortunately, if you are not the admin or server owner, you cannot enable this feature unless the server owner has activated it.

You can use a sleeping bag to locate where you are. This method is not entirely convenient, but better than nothing. When you want to find out where you are, use a sleeping bag to open a travel map, then remember your location, and by opening a regular map you can pave the way.

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How to See Yourself on the Map in Ark Survival Evolved


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