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How to Sleep and Get a Bed in Ark Survival Evolved

How to Sleep and Get a Bed in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is one of the most popular survival games. There you will need to create a character and survive in a dangerous world filled with different creatures. Also, you will have to care about your character’s needs like food or water. Sleeping sounds important as well and this guide will tell you about it and how to get a bed in Ark Survival Evolved.

How to Sleep in Ark Survival Evolved

Sleeping in Ark Survival Evolved is unavailable. You can use beds to set your spawn point. However, they can’t be used to pass some time or sleep. The game is designed for multiplayer and you can’t change time there as it is common for all players. In the singleplayer mode, you can’t do it as well.

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Even though you can’t sleep in Ark Survival Evolved, this feature is available in the mobile version of the game. There you can craft a special item called the Alarm Clock and if you put it near your bed you will be able to skip some time while you sleeping. However, your character will be hungry and thirsty if you try to sleep.

How to Get a Bed in Ark Survival Evolved

Beds in Ark Survival Evolved are important pieces of furniture that you need to set your spawn point. There are a few different beds in Ark Survival Evolved and here is the full list of them and their crafting ingredients:

  • Hide Sleeping Bag – x25 Hide, x15 Fiber
  • Simple Bed – x15 Wood or Fungal Wood, x80 Thatch, x30 Fiber, x40 Hide
  • Bunk Bed – x80 Polymer/Organic Polymer, or Corrupted Nodule, x200 Pelt, Hair, or Wool, x280 Fiber, x120 Hide

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How to Sleep and Get a Bed in Ark Survival Evolved


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