How to Scam Someone in BitLife

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In BitLife, the text life-simulator from Candywriter, players can become anything they want- even criminals! Players can complete challenges by becoming specific types of people, working particular jobs, and have certain events occur in their lives. Some of these challenges asks players to scam people or become a Scam Artist in BitLife. Follow the guide below to find out how to scam someone in BitLife!

Becoming a Scam Artist in Bitlife

The Scam Artist job is available in the Street Hustler Job Pack which costs $2.99. To become a Scam Artist you must first finish High School and then be at least age 18. The job of a Scam Artist in BitLife can be found under ‘Special Careers’. This is also where you can find a job in the Mafia, as a Politician, Pro Athlete, a Musician, or an Actor.

special careers bitlife
Special Careers in BitLife (via Candywriter)

There are 15 scams currently that your BitLife character can trick people with and they come in varying levels of difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. The more difficult the scam is to pull off, the more money you gain. You can change the scam by tapping ‘Scam Option’ under the Scam Artist tab.

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As you get older you gain more chance to scam NPCs and get experience at the job. This means you get better at it and can start to do harder scams as you age up. Tip: Stay away from streets with high police presence to avoid getting arrested! Of course, that is unless you want to scam a cop…

Easy Scams

  • Bump and Grab Scams
  • Counterfeit Merchandise Scams
  • Fake Monk Scam
  • Item Drop Scam

Intermediate Scams

  • Bag Cutting Scam
  • Charity Collection Scam
  • Craps Scam
  • Fake Injury Scam
  • Gold Rin Scam
  • Shell Game Scam
  • Three Card Monty

Advanced Scams

  • Fake Arrest Scam
  • Fake Weed Scam
  • Nightclub Promoter Scam
  • VIP Ticket Scam

Those are all the scams available right now in BitLife. If you do become a competent Scam Artist you could complete the Slippery Devil Challenge! To complete that challenge all you need to do is:

  1. Scam a Cop with the Bump and Grab scam
  2. Scam at least 5 people using the Fake Arrest Scam
  3. Earn 200K using scams
  4. Successfully run from the Cops 3 times
  5. Escape from prison during a riot

That is all you need to know about becoming a successful Scam Artist in BitLife! Good luck.

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How to Scam Someone in BitLife


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