How to Escape All 8 x 8 Prisons in BitLife (2022)


BitLife is a text simulator style mobile game from CandyWriter that lets you guide characters though the trials and adventures of life, making decisions for them as they figure out what they are doing with their lives. You can make good and bad choices for these characters, including ones that can land them in jail! If you do end up in prison, you have the chance to escape, but BitLife does not make it easy for you. There are 3 levels of prison security—Minimum, Medium, and Maximum—and the level of security determines how tough each escape map is going to be.

crime bitlife
Commit a crime and get sent to prison in BitLife (via CandyWriter)

The escape maps are grids in which your character and at least 1 prison guard is standing. All maximum security prison escape maps are 8×8 grids. There are also small walls which can be useful when working out how to escape. The object of the mini game is to make sure you reach the exit before the guard gets to you, but it is not made easy! They can be quite tricky to solve, but we are here to remedy that!

The guard can move 2 spaces while you can only move 1, and the guard will always attempt to move towards you. The trick is to note where the guard is to start, remember that he will move horizontally for his first go, and that you can use the small walls to block his path.

bitlife juvie escape
Escaping Juvie is the same as escaping prison in BitLife (via CandyWriter)

These tips are also relevant to escaping Juvi as a kid or teenager. Check out the videos below to see how these players managed to escape the maximum security prison in BitLife.

All 8×8 Maximum Security Prison Escapes in BitLife

1. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 1

2. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 2

3. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 3

4. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 4

5. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 5

6. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 6

7. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 7

8. Escaping Max. Security 8×8 Map 8

Follow the steps shown in the relevant video guide above and you should successfully escape BitLife prison! Good luck and thank you for reading our guide on “How to Escape All 8×8 Prisons in BitLife”!

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How to Escape All 8 x 8 Prisons in BitLife (2022)


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