How to Rob the Bank in Da Hood


In Da Hood, players can turn to a life of high-stakes crime, or they can become lawful officers to keep the streets clean. If you prefer the chaotic life of crime, one of the things you can do is rob the bank. Today, we’ll show you how to rob the bank in Da Hood!

Robbing the Bank in Da Hood

Before you can attempt a robbery, you’ll need to make sure you’re armed first. You’ll need a gun, and the stronger it is, the easier it’ll be to break open the cash registers. You’ll also want to bring some lock picks, as the door to the bank will most likely be locked.

There’s a weapon shop on the northern side of the city. You have to go up the streets and all the way to the end of the map. As you can probably guess, guns are quite expensive, so you’ll need to earn some cash first.

For now, you can work at the shoe store. Cleaning up all the shoes off the floor and talking to the shop owner will award you with $18. It’s not much, but it’s a start. You also gain $100 periodically for simply being logged into the game for a while, so make sure to play a lot!

It’s much easier to get your hands on lock picks. Explore the city for a while, and you’ll notice glowing items lying on the ground. Sometimes you can get money and knives, but most of the time you’ll get lock picks.

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Once you’ve got enough cash, you can purchase a firearm. Our favorite weapon to use for bank robbing is the shotgun, but anything that is equal in power will do just fine.

Head to the bank whenever you’re ready. Equip your lock pick and use it on the door to unlock it. Close the door behind you so that no other players interrupt you while you’re robbing the bank, and then click on the lock above the door knob to lock the door.

Head behind the counter, and you should see a vault door and three cash registers. Equip your gun and start blasting the cash registers. Depending on your gun, it can take a couple of shots to destroy one.

Once a cash register is destroyed, it’ll explode into a green cloud of money. Quickly grab all the money off the floor, and then unlock the front door and make a break for it. Congratulations, you’ve just robbed the bank in Da Hood!

That concludes our guide on how to rob the bank in Da Hood. If you have any other questions or tips for bank heists, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Rob the Bank in Da Hood


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