Stranded Deep is a survival game where surviving becomes challenging as nature tries to kill you. And that is why many players prefer to play the game in co-op mode with a plus one. But even then, players or their teammates die, and they don’t know how to revive them. Seeing that, we are here to talk about how to revive a teammate in Stranded Deep. 

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How to Revive Teammate in Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep, you can revive a downed teammate using a Bandage. Once you have a Bandage on your hand, interact with your downed teammate’s body. Doing so will let you enter a short animation where you pick up your teammate. 

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In single-player game mode, you cannot revive yourself once you die. But you can use the Bandage to heal yourself and ensure you don’t die. On the other hand, in co-op, as said earlier, you can use Bandages to revive your dead teammates. Or, they can use the same method to revive you. 

How to Get Bandages in Stranded Deep

You can get Bandages from Cabinets found inside shipwrecks and one Bandage from the Life Raft’s storage. And you can craft as many as you want using the Loom structure. But for that, you need one Lashing and one Cloth. 

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So, if you have crafted and placed a Loom in your camp, you can make Bandages and keep them handy for healing yourself or reviving your teammates. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to revive teammates in Stranded Deep. 

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Stranded Deep is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, macOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch platforms.  

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How to Revive Teammate in Stranded Deep


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