How to Repair Teleporter in Coromon

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Coromon has quite a few quests to complete which aren’t very straightforward and will leave you scratching your head in confusion a lot of times. One of these quests if the Broken Teleporter quest.

If you want to know how to complete this quest in Coromon, then this is just the guide for you. Read on ahead to find out all the details!

How to Complete the Broken Teleporter Quest in Coromon

Broken Teleporter is a quest that is started and completed in Noah’s house. You can initiate the quest by talking to Noah on the main floor of his house.

When spoken to for the first time, Noah asks you to help find out what happened to his package with the parts for his “Teleporter”, which he needs to completely build it up. You are given one out of several locations to visit and told to speak with an NPC who will request you take a look beyond Radiant, halfway between Lux Solis Campus and Hayville, for the postman.

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Upon finding him, you learn he ran out of healing cakes for his Squad and ended up trapped in-between grass, unable to deliver the remaining parts, leading you to offer to escort him the rest of the way to Hayville. He entrusts you deliver the package to Noah once he realizes he’s behind schedule and needs to catch up on deliveries. After handing over the package, he unexpectedly realizes he had a LuxRecall on him all along and teleports away.

After delivering the package to Noah, who is now in the basement of his house, you will be able to teleport to Hayville, completing the quest!

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How to Repair Teleporter in Coromon


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