Welcome to LOTR: Rise to War! The game is created especially for true lovers of the famous Fellowship Saga, Lords of the Rings! Build and develop your settlement, train an army, expand the territory together with the fraction you’ve chosen, explore the lands Eru Ilúvatar once created, and don’t forget about the ring and incoming war!

If you feel that your settlement is too far from your fellow fraction, you may change your location to one that suits you better.

Am I Able to Relocate Anywhere I Want?

You can only relocate in a region that is under the influence of your fraction. And you can’t move to Amon Lanc (where Dol Guldur is located).

How Do I Choose the Location?

There must be room for setting up. It requires three by three base for the future spot — nine 1*1 tiles arranged into a 3*3 square. This base cannot be adjacent to water, mountains, and other territories like keeps, control points, and other locations. The location you’re headed to mustn’t take part in any conflict. 

How Do I Relocate My Settlement?

Firstly, make sure that the option of relocating is available for you. Ring level 15 is required. As for the game level, we aren’t going to spoil it. And don’t forget that you need 500 coins or 500 gems to buy the Relocation token.

Open the map of the territories and look if there’s a fort nearby the area you want to move to. If there isn’t, you’ll have to build one. You’ll need one tile and at least 10 ring power for it. Ascertain that you have chosen an appropriate location.

All of your armies need to be on standby in your settlement at the time you submit your new location. For marching purposes, all blue and purple tiles, which belong to other friendly fractions, can be considered green as the ones which belong to yours. You can march on tiles adjacent to blue or/and purple ones the same as green tiles. 

Use forts to extend your way on the road as well as the long marsh feature. Click on a tile outside your action capacity, that is beside blue or purple tile. There will be the option for a long march, which costs 10AP but can permit you to reach distant regions without forts.

We hope that our article was helpful. Take care and play & have fun!

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How to Relocate Your Main Settlement in LOTR: Rise to War


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