How to Recruit Cordelia in Triangle Strategy


Triangle Strategy is all about making choices, and you will get to experience different events depending on how the choices you make during the course of the game’s extensive story.

Different choices will also make different characters join Serenoa’s army, something that essentially makes some characters locked behind certain story paths, and the only way to unlock all of them is to play through the game multiple times and experience all story paths.

This is the case of Cordelia Glenbrook, Roland’s sister and one of the central characters in the game. Here’s how to get her into your army.

How to Recruit Cordelia in Triangle Strategy

Cordelia, like a few other characters in the game, will only join House Wolffort’s army if you make a certain choice at a specific point in the campaign.

To recruit Glenbrook’s princess, you will have to choose to go to Roland during Chapter 15. After experiencing the events of the chapter, she will join you permanently as another healer. She is actually quite good at healing wounds, thanks to abilities like Regen and Healing Region, so if you unlock specific abilities and promote her as soon as possible, she will quickly become a real asset to your army!

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How to Recruit Cordelia in Triangle Strategy


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