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How to Recruit Better Players in NBA All-World

How to Recruit Better Players in NBA All-World

In this guide, we will show you how to recruit better players in NBA All-World, one of the top free sports games for mobile devices by Niantic. The game is available for both iOS and Android systems. Read everything that you need to know below!

About NBA All-World

Even if you never heard of Niantic before, you definitely heard a thing or two about Pokémon Go, the augmented reality mobile game. Well, that game was created by Niantic as well. Some of the mechanics from Pokémon Go have also made their way into NBA All-World. The game’s world draws data from your location in the real world. The game engine scans real-life basketball courts (and not only) and implements them into the NBA All-World universe. You can go to these courts and challenge them, similar (kinda) to how trainers in Pokémon Go can challenge gyms.

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NBA All-World – Team Level

Once you start the game, your team’s level is obviously the lowest possible. You have one player until you complete the tutorial. After that, you can challenge and recruit one more and then is where the game starts for real, pretty much. Now, your team level plays a very important role when it comes to recruiting players. To put it simply, if you don’t meet the required team level, you cannot recruit certain players. It makes sense right? Top tier players just don’t care playing for bottom tier teams.

NBA All-World – Challenges

You can opt to challenge an NBA star that you come across, even if you are not eligible to recruit him. So, should you challenge somebody who you cannot recruit to your team? Well, yes. There’s no downside to doing that. Completing challenges gives you a ton of stuff. Experience, cred, cash, team reputation, energy, and so on. Plus, even if you fail, you can simply try again. If you succeed, the player will automatically be recruited to your team (if you meet his criteria, that is).

NBA All-Wolrd – How to Recruit Better Players

Based on your team level, you get access to a different pool of players. You need to complete daily tasks and challenges, earn team points, and level up. You can actually see what you need to do if you go to your team profile.

So that’s pretty much it. Complete the tasks, level up your team, and then challenge better players that you meet in the NBA All-World. If you win their challenge, you’ll be able to recruit them if your team level is sufficient. The higher your team level is, the better players you’ll be able to recruit.

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How to Recruit Better Players in NBA All-World


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