Stamina is a game mechanic in Blade and Soul Revolution that comes into play when you defeat monsters or general enemies. When stamina is depleted, players will earn no loot or XP by defeating monsters. So, it is important to know the different ways to recover your stamina in BnS: Revolution. To help you all out, we have prepared a short guide on how to recover stamina efficiently in BnS: Revolution.

How to recover stamina in Blade and Soul Revolution

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In Blade and Soul Revolution, players can use the Incense Burner to recover their stamina quickly. Moreover, by using pets, players can slow down the stamina depletion rate. Here is the charge requirement for stamina in BnS: Revolution, based on level.

  • Stamina can be charged up to Medium level.
  • In the 200 Stamina(120 is the max stamina, we don’t know why the official in-game guide mentions 200 Stamina), the medium level can only be used up to 60.
  • The remaining stamina charge can be used regardless of whether your stamina meter is at a normal or low level.

Note: Charging stamina in the medium level is more efficient than any other levels.

Other methods to Charge Stamina in BnS: Revolution

“Patience is Virtue”, well, you do get free stamina overtime if you are in a town or Clan Hall. Even if you are logged out of the game, you recover a little amount of stamina.

Apart from that, every day, at 4 AM server time, the Stamina in BnS: Revolution refreshes to a high level(120).

What to do in BnS: Revolution if you ran out of stamina?

When you are zero stamina or if your stamina is turned off you won’t get XP, loot, etc. However, doing the below mentioned activities will still reward you.

  • Main Storyline Quests
  • Dungeon
  • Daily Dungeons
  • Side Quests
  • Battlefield
  • Faction

That’s all for now, we are looking into the 200 Stamina charge function of the game and how it works. We will talk on that, when we have full understanding on the mechanics behind it.

Blade & Soul: Revolution is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide.

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