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How to Raise Your Hunter Rank Fast in Monster Hunter Now

How to Raise Your Hunter Rank Fast in Monster Hunter Now
Credit to Capcom and Niantic
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Are you a Pokémon Go lover and a fan of games that encourage physical movement? If so, you need to check out Monster Hunter Now, the newest mobile game based on the popular Monster Hunter franchise. Now you can slay monsters and make cool armor and weapons in a compact on the go form.

All in all, the mechanics of Now aren’t that different from the regular games—the setting is just altered to be simplified. It’s Monster Hunter without the frills. Don’t worry, there’s still cute Palicoes. One of the most important mechanics in the game is your Hunter Rank: the more you raise it, the more things open up for you. And this is how to raise your Hunter Rank fast in Monster Hunter Now.

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How to boost your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Now

Boosting your Hunter Rank is quite simple: all you need to do is stay on track with your quests and make sure you’re completing them. To view your in-progress quests, open up the game and tap the rectangle bar at the bottom of the screen. Here is a list of what you need to do.

The quest screen in Monster Hunter Now
Credit to Capcom and Niantic

The early quests are mostly about getting to know the different mechanics of the game, like building armor and weapons, how to battle certain monsters, all of that good stuff. As you progress, things change a little and the game does not hold your hand as much. The stronger you get, the more difficult are the monsters you face. After you finish your quests and face the ending monster, you get a bigger than usual point boost, which should get you to the next tier rank.

As a new player, the monsters you see on the map are pretty basic small guys, like the Jagras. When you make it to Hunter Rank 11, larger monsters unlock, giving you more options for challenging battles. At that point, chapter quests begin, as well as special quests, which are your daily challenges.

The hunt is on in Monster Hunter Now!

Keep trekking through the game, and you’ll get a seasoned Hunter Rank in no time. And if you’re looking for a new game to keep you busy while at the kids’ soccer practices, check out Monster Hunter Now!

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How to Raise Your Hunter Rank Fast in Monster Hunter Now