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Monster Hunter Now QR Codes: Everything You Need to Know (Share Your Friend Code)

Confused about the QR codes in Monster Hunter Now? We've explain everything you need to know about them in our guide.

Whenever you’re about to initiate a hunt in Monster Hunter Now, the game offers you different ways to connect with other nearby Hunters. You can join up with other Hunters simply by being close enough to them, or you can join through the use of QR codes. The game doesn’t tell you the important details though, so here is everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Now‘s QR codes.

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All you need to know about the QR codes in Monster Hunter Now

Whenever you target a large monster that is just wandering around, you can create a party and join up with other nearby Hunters on the fly. You can also create a static party by using the manual party function.

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You can also hunt painted monsters that you or your Palico tagged with Paintballs, but because they naturally won’t show up for other Hunters, they have to join through a different method. That’s where QR codes come in!

To get started, open your Paintball menu and then select the monster you want to hunt. At the hunt prep screen, there’s a button that lets you generate a QR code. Any Hunter that wants to join you can also open the Paintball menu, then tap the Scan QR to join button at the top right.

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Now, we know what you’re thinking—you can share QR codes online to game the system and technically play with your friends online, no matter how far apart you are. Unfortunately, the game fails to mention that joining through QR codes is limited to an approximate range of 200 feet, so you still need to be somewhat close to each other.

There’s one more other use for QR codes, and that’s adding people to your friends list. If you want a more convenient way of adding people to your friends list without having to type out the 12-digit friend code, you can give them your friend QR code. The game even has a handy built-in sharing feature for it, which you can access by opening the Hunter menu and tapping the QR view button.

Monster Hunter Now Friend Codes

Since QR codes require players to be in each others’ vicinity, you can opt for the alternative: adding friends. To find your friend code, simply type in the 12-digit code which appears underneath the QR code.

Share Your Monster Hunter Now Friend Codes Below!

Here are a bunch of Monster Hunter Now friend codes, so feel free to add them and don’t forget to share your own down in the comments below.

  • 5219 5313 0339
  • 0782 8325 9898
  • 7020 9493 9081
  • 7785 9556 4686
  • 2058 3963 3520
  • 6691 7815 8727 
  • 2294 2519 9828
  • 0229 4151 2094
  • 9914 8988 6224
  • 7016 9093 6658
  • 0367 1339 0270
  • 2794 8796 0662
  • 3436 3290 1589
  • 7272 0952 8752 
  • 3762 3889 1836
  • 4294 0275 1118
  • 5623 8910 4968
  • 4917 0426 2312
  • 9031 3144 9104

If you want even more rewards, you should know the game has a friend referral feature too. Once you use a referral code, you’ll be eligible for some free goodies, and if you share your own code with the other players (and someone uses it) you’ll also gain some rewards.

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Monster Hunter Now QR Codes: Everything You Need to Know (Share Your Friend Code)