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Monster Hunter Now Max Level – What’s the Level Cap?

Our guide discusses the potential Hunter Rank (HR) cap in Monster Hunter Now.

In the mainline Monster Hunter games, your Hunter’s overall progression is denoted by their Hunter Rank, or HR for short. This is the closest thing that the Monster Hunter game has to a traditional character level, though it works differently. Hunter Ranks return in Monster Hunter Now, and you’ve probably pondered this question at some point—what’s the level cap? This guide talks about Monster Hunter Now‘s max level and what it could be.

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What is the Max Level in Monster Hunter Now?

To get straight to the point, nobody knows what the exact HR or level cap is in Monster Hunter Now at the moment. Personally, we’ve seen Hunters with levels as high as HR80, and they don’t seem to be slowing down at any point.

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There has been no official word from Niantic or Capcom on how high your HR can go at the moment so that only leaves us speculating. In the mainline Monster Hunter games, your HR progression followed a structured format, as it would only progress to the next level after you cleared all the key quests.

After a certain point, your HR would unlock and shoot up a large amount depending on how much HRP you’ve accumulated throughout your quests. In Monster Hunter Now, this happens too, though it happens as soon as you’re out of the prologue, which is much earlier than in the mainline games.

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Possible Level Cap in Monster Hunter Now

In both Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, the absolute maximum HR cap was HR999. Yes, that is absurdly high, but you stopped unlocking things much earlier than HR999, so there was no real reward for getting that high other than bragging rights.

So, until proven otherwise, we can only assume that the maximum HR/level cap in Monster Hunter Now is HR999. Considering how few monster species there are in the game right now, probably no one is going to get to that point for quite some time. The HR cap is most likely going to serve as a placeholder of some sort until the game gets updated with new content.

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Monster Hunter Now Max Level – What’s the Level Cap?