Monster Hunter Rise

Stamina is very important in Monster Hunter Rise. The yellow bar located right below the health bar in the top left part of the screen indicates how much energy you have left to perform certain actions like sprinting, using certain weapons, rolling, and so on. Depending on the weapon you are wielding, and your own playstyle, you will consume different amounts of stamina, and restoring it efficiently is extremely important.

Even more important is increasing the maximum amount of stamina. This can be done in a few different ways, some more efficient than others. Without further ado, let us find out how to raise maximum stamina in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Raise Stamina In Monster Hunter Rise

There are a few ways in Monster Hunter Rise to raise your maximum stamina. The first one is by eating Dangos in your tent before starting a new quest. The higher your rank, the more the maximum amount of Stamina is increased, providing you with yet another incentive to increase your rank as quickly as possible. Please note that some Dangos are more effective, as among the added effects they grant is reduced stamina cost for all actions that consume it, so those are the ones you should try to eat for maximum efficacy.

Maximum Stamina can also be increased by equipping the correct Petalace. This type of gear grants a variety of different bonuses, so make sure to pick up the one that best suits your needs.

While not as reliable, there is a third way to increase maximum Stamina. Among the Endemic Life available in Monster Hunter Rise are Spiribirds, which grant a variety of different bonuses by touching them. The ones you want to look for are the Yellow Spiribirds, which grant a maximum Stamina increase. As they do not appear on all the maps, using this method is not particularly reliable, but it’s definitely useful if you are playing on the right map.

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