How to Raise Hope in Frostpunk – Guide and Tips

How to Raise Hope in Frostpunk - Guide and Tips

While waiting for the second part of the strategy survival game, it is useful to go through all the DLC and remember the key mechanics. Consider how to raise hope and increase the contentment of the population in Frostpunk. This is what affects how much you will be supported in a snowy city. The developers from 16-bit Studios tried to make the politics in the game realistic.

Frostpunk Guide: How to Raise the Hope of the Population?


A player cannot directly influence the situation, but there are indirect actions that affect everything. If sufficient food is available, people have time to rest and sleep, and all the necessary buildings are fed with electricity, the opinion of the ruler improves. When there is not enough food, you will observe the opposite situation.

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Many events in a video game occur randomly and cannot be prevented. For example, as a result of a breakdown of an electric generator, a significant part of the buildings remain without recharge. As a result, you will be engaged in the repair or construction of an additional battery. Do not rush to adopt laws that can increase rebellious moods.

Try to keep track of the basic needs of people who find themselves in a post-apocalyptic snowy world. Proper medical care must be provided at all times.

From time to time, the game will become more diverse due to expeditions, random outings, or thematic quests. If the local population turns to you for help, try not to ignore the requests.

This is everything you need to know about the hope of your people in Frostpunk. Do you have other questions? Write them in the comments section below.

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How to Raise Hope in Frostpunk – Guide and Tips


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