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How to play the Chaldea Summer Adventure Event in Fate Grand Order

How to play the Chaldea Summer Adventure Event in Fate Grand Order
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It’s a little late in the season for the occasion, but at long last, Fate Grand Order’s new summer event is here, dropping after maintenance on August 31st. This time around the star servant is none other than Davinci in the form of a ruler class. Stats wise she’s pretty awesome and adorable too, so grab her while you can. You’ll be going on an adventure with her and some of the other servants, who also have new summer forms and costumes. This is how to play the Chaldea Summer Adventure event in Fate Grand Order.

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When To Start Chaldea Summer Adventure In FGO

This event is simple, but as Fate Grand Order’s cutscenes have gotten longer and longer over the years, it’s best to start early in order to guarantee completion, especially if you want Ruler Davinci. The way the game events work is that the free servant, or the welfare, will only stay on your roster if you finish the event. You also need to get their copies and leveling-up materials here, they are not available in regular gameplay. Stick to the golden rule when it comes to Fate Grand Orders events: start early, finish early. Especially since these days, event reruns tend to be up in the air.

How Chaldea Summer Adventure Works In FGO

Summer Tamamo in fate grand order
Credit to Type Moon

Chaldea Summer Adventure uses a points-based system to determine advancement – basically, the more grinding and progression you do, the more you’ll unlock. Story chapters are unlocked when you reach your point goals. If possible, you’ll want to do the higher-level nodes because those will give you more rewards. You can use the events craft essence cards to help you along, as they will offer bonus points and items. For maximum output, make sure to limit break them so that they are at their full farming potential. The story chapters are time-gated, meaning they will open up at a certain time every day.

You don’t need to do any chapter except Fuyuki to participate in Chaldea Summer Adventure, so get to it! Oh, and if you’re a newer player wondering why Davinci has a different (not adult) form here, that’s a spoiler best left to be seen…

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How to play the Chaldea Summer Adventure Event in Fate Grand Order