Orion in Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Best Servants in Fate Grand Order – FGO Servant Tier List

These are some of the best characters in Fate Grand Order.

Recently the North American version of Fate Grand Order celebrated its 6th anniversary complete with lots of goodies. This includes the traditional guaranteed summon banners as well as the arrival of Koyanskaya. If you were lucky enough to get her, we’re very jealous. If you didn’t, hopefully you had better luck on the guaranteed banners, where a modest amount of paid quartz will guarantee you one five-star servant. Players choose from one of a few banners where they can ensure they’ll get at least a single SSR on that banner. Most people pick one with a specific character in mind, but nine times out of ten you won’t get that character. In fact, you’ll probably get somebody you don’t like or never thought to use. Some of these less used characters are really overlooked but don’t deserve it and in fact rank as the best servants in Fate Grand Order.

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Orion in Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Many people will argue that the best archer in the game is and continues to be Gilgamesh, but that’s truly debatable with the arrival of Orion. Orion just happens to have an incredible build that allows him to use powerful boosted buster attacks as well as an arts build that supports it. He needs no help from any caster, which is why he’s superior in every way. He also has the benefit of doing all his damage from card attacks, something that is helpful when dealing with an enemy who doesn’t take any noble phantasm damage.


Muramasa from Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

We’re not usually one to overhype already overrated servants, but Muramasa is one of the few who truly deserves it. He can boost his own attacks, critical strength, and fill up his noble phantasm battery. In that move, he can ignore an enemy’s defense and remove their buffs. This makes him perfect for tackling later game enemies who spam protective buffs on themselves. No AOE saber comes close to Muramasa.

Taira no Kagekiyo

Kagekiyo from Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

When it comes to avenger servants, they can do a lot of damage, but they are extremely fragile. One with a kit that fixes this problem is Kagekiyo, an avenger that comes with an evade skill and guts, the buff that allows servants to revive themselves. Her kit also solves the pickle of avengers being able to do enough damage, as she can boost her critical attacks. Kagekiyo’s noble phantasm also hits pretty hard, making her comparable to that of avenger Nobunaga.


Scathach from Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

As you get deep into the story of Fate Grand Order and make your way to the second arc, you’re going to meet a lot of powerful godly servants. There’s no one better to tackle these (just not the sabers) than with Scathach. This powerful lady of the shadows has a strong noble phantasm, an anti-divine trait, and can protect herself from strong attacks. Her special attack stuns enemies which can be helpful when there’s an emergency in battle. Her only flaw is that she suffers from some early game servant syndrome and will need some kind of support to boost her powers.

Shuten Doji

Shuten from Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Don’t listen to a single thing your discord group says about Shuten Doji because she’s a fantastic wave killer and arts user. A lot of assassin class characters have the tendency to be limited in use because their powers are limited to doing passive damage in the form of poison and sleep and such. When it comes to Shuten, she can do it all, from stalling enemies to finishing them off with her poison based special attack. Thanks to her recent rank ups, she’s currently the best AOE assassin in the game.

King Hassan

King Hassan from Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

If you got Gramps, consider yourself lucky because he’s one of the rarest servants to see on rate up. Another assassin who can deal heavy damage is King Hassan or The Old Man Of The Mountain. He’s an early game servant but has never become stagnant thanks to his powers. He can boost his own power, revive himself, and has a special skill that skyrockets his buster powers. He’s a great boss killer for tricky enemies that take neutral damage and will carry you throughout the whole game.

Caster Nero

Nero in Fate Grand Order
Screenshot from Aniplex game trailer

The many versions of Nero, (also known as Umu) have the tendency to go underrated because Nero herself is unfortunately not really a popular character. She doesn’t deserve this though, as she’s always a great character in personality and power. Her caster version has phenomenal AOE attacks and buffs, as she can ignore defense from all servant enemies. Caster Nero can also offer guts to an ally and raise their attack. She can act both as support and a DPS unit.

Lancer Tamamo

Summer Tamamo in Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

One of the original summer servants, lancer Tamamo is the answer for tackling your male archer enemies, particularly the Gilgamesh that’s in the higher-level training nodes. This is because she is one of the few characters in the game to have the anti-male trait. In fact, she is the only character who exists there as a 5-star anti-male killer, so if you got her in the GSSR, count yourself lucky. She hits hard with buster cards and can stall enemies with her charm power. Make sure to use her third skill only before doing a serious thing, as she will be stunned for one turn afterwards.


Beni-Enma from Fate Grand Order
In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

The proprietor of the Sparrows Inn might look small and adorable, but she’s an absolute force to be reckoned with. As the top single target arts saber in the game, Beni-Enma has the ability to spam her noble phantasm multiple times in the right conditions. She can reduce the opponents defense and attack power as well as boost up their special attack battery. Beni does it all, and she does it with the grace of a sparrow.


Raikou in Fate Grand Order
Screenshot from Aniplex game trailer

No mama in Fate Grand Order will ever compare to Raikou. She will love and protect you forever even if that means your spine is compromised from her hugs. Her critical buffs and attack still hold up to this day and she can do extra damage against those with the demonic traits as well as earth and sky characters. Despite being a berserker, she can protect herself with her evade skill. If you take care of Raikou she’ll do the same for you and beyond.

You can meet these characters and others in Fate Grand Order today!

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Best Servants in Fate Grand Order – FGO Servant Tier List