How to Play the Board Game Apocalypse Event in Fate Grand Order

the poster for the fate requiem event

A new event in Fate Grand Order is here and it’s quite unique from past ones. Heavily inspired by the Fate Requiem books, this takes the main character into a world where they must play a literal board game. As you progress through the story, you’ll get the event character Erice temporarily added to your roster. Once you complete the event, she’ll become a permanent part of your team. Here is how to play through the event.

How To Complete The Story

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Essentially, what you’re doing here is playing Monopoly. You’ll farm the event nodes to collect dice. After you roll the dice, certain quests will appear on the game board. Depending on the die you use, you’ll advance a certain amount of spaces. By completing those quests, you’ll earn tokens and when you get to a certain amount of tokens, you’ll unlock the next part of the story. There are also many bonus quests that you can unlock when collecting tokens. By completing these, you can unlock special rewards such as quick points, exp cards, mana prisms, and command codes.

Completing Missions and How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

voyager in the event shop in fate grand order

As you participate in the event and progress, you’ll complete missions that grant you rewards. To claim these as completed, make sure to go to the middle tab in the event shop that says Mission Rewards and toggle the button to display the missions that can be claimed. This is where you will get the material that you need to unlock Erice’s level caps, so don’t forget to claim them. In addition, make sure to use the event craft essences to make farming simpler for you. If you can get a certain amount of copies of one, you can use them to max limit break the card and utilize its power to the fullest potential.

Overall, this is a fun and easy event that only requires clearing the game tutorial, so any player of any stage can enjoy it!

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How to Play the Board Game Apocalypse Event in Fate Grand Order


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