How to Play Roblox SCP 3008 Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Cheats

How to Play Roblox SCP 3008 Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Cheats

Roblox SCP 3008 is a game on a very large map, which, as some players have noted, seems to be endless. Moreover, this map is filled with various items found in IKEA. We are talking, of course, about the furniture that can be purchased. In this detailed guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this mode.

Roblox SCP 3008 Guide and Tips

The fact that in the daytime you can build up objects. That is, you can make your own house. But as soon as the dark time of the day comes, the most terrible monsters get out of this very darkness. And you will have to survive.

These monsters look different, but at the same time, they can terrify the player. The mode is quite atmospheric and you can experience everything in your own skin, playing it both alone and with friends. And the real fear will be the musical accompaniment in this mode.

As mentioned above, each player has the right to create their own shelter from the surrounding objects. You can even create a huge tower that the monsters won’t reach you on.

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Remember that the more time a player devotes to building a structure and protecting it from monsters, the more likely it is that these same “hunters” will not be able to get it. That is, in fact, this mode is survival, where real danger and fear await the player at every step. And you, as a survivor, will have to use all the powers of your own imagination to create a safe place to stay.

Want to play with your own son or daughter in this mode? You are welcome. It is great for people of all ages as it is not violent. You just need to hide from your enemies in the right way and figure out how to achieve perfection in this mode.

Roblox SCP 3008 Controls

How to Rotate Objects in Scp 3008

In order to rotate an object, you need to pick it up, press the number 1, 2, or 3, and then press the “R” key. Depending on the pressed number, you will be able to rotate objects along the X, Y, or Z.

How to Teleport

In order to teleport any player or yourself, you need to open the corresponding menu (screen 1). Select yourself or a player and press Go To if you want the player to teleport to you, or Bring if you want you to teleport to the player.

How to Make a Waypoint (Spawn Point)

To do this, open the corresponding menu, write down the name of the spawn point, select the color, and display settings. Click “Create Waypoint.”

How to Make Infinite Life and Energy for Yourself or Another Player

To do this, open the menu, tab “Mod menu,” “Player settings Menu” and write inf in the line Energy and Health. You can also enter any other value.

How to Sit Down

In order to sit down, you must press the “C” key. This can be useful for crawling under a table or any other object on the map that cannot be walked under.

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How to Play Roblox SCP 3008 Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Cheats


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