How to Get a Blue Dog in Roblox Adopt Me 2022

How to Get a Blue Dog in Roblox Adopt Me 2022

In Adopt Me, there are many different animals that you can get from various eggs. All animals have their rarity, from common to legendary, but sometimes it happens that animals of common or uncommon rarity are more valuable than legendary. And the animal named Blue Dog is also such an exception. In today’s article, we will tell you how to get a Blue Dog, as well as why it is considered so valuable among players.

How to Get a Blue Dog in Roblox Adopt Me 2022

Blue Dog is a small blue dog of uncommon rarity. From the usual dog, which is also present in the game, it differs only in that its fur is blue.

This puppy first appeared in the game in 2019, during the Easter event. Then you could get a blue egg, from which you could get a Blue Dog with a 100% chance. But that time has passed, and the blue egg was taken out of the game, which is why it is no longer possible to get a Blue Dog in this way.

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How to get a Blue Dog in 2022:

  • From the blue eggs that you have left after the Easter event 2019.
  • By trading with players who have this pet.

Unfortunately, as we said, it is no longer possible to get new blue eggs. That is why the price of a Blue Dog is rising, although it is only an uncommon rarity.

Also, many players who have a Blue Dog leave the game over time, and along with this, the number of rare puppies decreases every day.

On the other hand, the demand and prices for these pets are growing. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to buy a Blue Dog, we advise you to do it. Since prices are getting higher every day, which means you can make good money by selling this puppy in the future.

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How to Get a Blue Dog in Roblox Adopt Me 2022


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