How to Play Roblox Rainbow Friends – Guide, Tips, and Tricks

orange roblox monster rainbow friends

If you are a beginner in Roblox, it might be pretty hard to learn how to play it correctly and not make many mistakes from scratch. And this guide is for those beginners. You will learn how to play Roblox Rainbow Friends by reading it. Also, there will be some helpful tips that will come in handy throughout the game. So, no time to lose; let’s get started!

How to Play Roblox Rainbow Friends Correctly

You need to know that even if you are an advanced player, you can read this guide. Of course, most tips that will be represented in this article will be ordinary for you. At the same time, there might be something new and valuable even for experienced players. So, let’s start with the tips.

Learn Information About all Monsters

You will face blue, orange, green, and purple monsters throughout the game. Unfortunately, all of them will be trying to kill you. Therefore, you should know monsters’ unique abilities and weak points to dodge them effectively and complete the game. Without it, you will not finish the game.

Follow Some Strategy

One of the essential things to survive 5 nights in Roblox Rainbow is having a strategy. You need to know what you will do from the first to the last day. One of the most popular strategies is collecting blocks, 15 food packs – collecting 15 fuses – collecting 9 batteries, and solving the small puzzles during the last night. Be sure that if you follow it there will not be any problems in completing the game.

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In conclusion, there is nothing hard in completing the Roblox Rainbow Friends. However, you might make some attempts to get used to the game. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide.

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How to Play Roblox Rainbow Friends – Guide, Tips, and Tricks


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