How to Avoid Orange in Rainbow Friends Roblox

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Roblox Rainbow Friends has 4 monsters to avoid, or face immediate death. They are: Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange. Each has its own personality and footstep sound, and players must hide from every one in a different way. Orange is the third monster players will encounter during Rainbow Friends on Roblox and is a sneaky and deadly creature. Find out in our guide how to avoid Orange in Rainbow Friends Roblox.

Staying Safe from Orange in Roblox Rainbow Friends

Orange is the third of the monsters you will come across in this game. This lizard-type monster lives in a cave called ‘Orange’s Hideout’, where you can also find his food bowl and a lever to pull to fill the bowl with food. Filling his bowl is the only way to keep him distracted.

orange roblox monster rainbow friends
Orange’s Hideout in Roblox Rainbow Friends (via Accurate Content on YouTube)

When he moves around his footsteps are pretty loud, and he follows a spiky orange trail. you must stay away from this trail or else he will sense you nearby and attack! To avoid him and his trail, stay boxed up while you move past the trail. Do not touch the trail even when boxed.

orange roblox monster rainbow friends
Orange follows a trail in Robox Rainbow Friends (via Accurate Content on YouTube)

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When filling his bowl, watch out around you- he may be lurking on a ledge above. If he is you must move away fast or he may catch you. Check out [A]ccurate [C]ontent on YouTube to see what happens when you do not stay vigilant while in Orange’s Hideout!

via [A]ccurate [C]ontent on YouTube

In conclusion, just remember to not touch his trail, stay in your box and away from the trail at all times, and stay vigilant while filling the Orange monster’s food bowl in his hideout. Good luck!

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How to Avoid Orange in Rainbow Friends Roblox


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