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How to Play Pokemon Sleep – Tips and Tricks

This is how to play Pokemon Sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is really important for your overall health and day-to-day function, and if you want to learn know how to play Pokemon Sleep, we have a bunch of tips and tricks to help you out.

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The body needs to rest and you should have a way to track how sleep you’re getting a night. Thanks to Pokemon Sleep, you can do this in a really fun way. It’s a simple and light game that rewards you for counting sheep. Your job in it is to raise Snorlax, the reigning king of sleeping Pokemon. Many will remember the early Pokemon games where you usually ran into a snoozing Snorlax at some point blocking a road.

The only way to wake it up was with a Poke Flute. In a way, this game feels like a tribute to that. While straightforward, there are some things you should know before playing it. This is all the tips and tricks you need to know for how to play Pokemon Sleep.

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How To Play Pokemon Sleep

The game is basically Pokemon Go but instead of walking around for rewards it basically encourages you to go to sleep at a decent time. The longer you sleep, the better and rarer kinds of Pokemon will come to see you. Here’s the thing, we live in a world now where there are a lot of factors that can occupy us, i.e.; games, tv, streaming programs. These often keep us from having a proper sleep schedule. Going to bed at every night at the same time is very important to keeping yourself on a regular resting rhythm.

The Sleep Styles In Pokemon Sleep

Pikachu in Pokemon Sleep
Screenshot from official game trailer.

When you clock in your sleeping intervals, the game will categorize it either as Snoozing, Slumbering, or Dozing style. They’re basically scores for if you got good, great, or amazing sleep. Slumbering means you got a perfect score, Dozing means you barely got any, and Snoozing is in between those. If you get Slumbering, Water Pokemon will come to you and if your style was Dozing, Grass-type Pokemon will come to you. Snoozing-style will bring Fire types to you.

How To Raise Snorlax In Pokemon Sleep

One of your goals in your sleep research is to befriend different Snorlax in different areas. This means you’re basically raising them like that of a surrogate trainer. Each one has various likes and dislikes when it comes to their meals and snacks, so when you move to a new area, make sure to pay attention to their favorites so you can raise them quickly and efficiently.

How To Feed Snorlax In Pokemon Sleep

Since Snorlax will request different things, you may need specific ingredients for cooking. Your helper Pokemon, the ones who are on your team that always stay with you, can sometimes pick up special items, so make sure to occasionally tap on them. They are here to help you with your research by collecting food. Just like Snorlax, they need to be attended to as well. To check their stats, tap Pokemon at the very bottom left-hand side of the screen. Go to edit teams and choose the Pokemon you want to look at. You can see their level, their happiness, what items they collect, and their skills. Helper Pokemon are also able to evolve when they get to certain levels, and you have enough candies for them.

How To Use Exchange Points In Pokemon Sleep

Make sure that you don’t forget to use your sleep exchange points! As you clock your slumbering sessions in the game, you’ll be rewarded with points that you can use to buy special items in an exchange shop. On the main screen, tap the icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen that says Sleep Pass. Tap Exchange Points and Regular Exchange to see what items are available for you. The main currency of the game is diamonds, which you should save for special occasions as often as possible.

How To Track Sleep In Pokemon Sleep

Besides being a cute Pokemon game, you should take advantage of the sleep tracking features in here to use for your own self-care. If you go to Main Menu at the bottom of the screen in the middle, you’ll see tabs for Sleep Data and Sleep Trends. Trends can help show your consistency while Data will show your sleeping sessions and how long you spent in each one.

In the tutorial, the game will tell you to put your phone on the mattress, but you can put it on a nightstand or nearby surface, and it will work just fine. In fact, you don’t have to even “sleep” for it to work, you can turn it on, and it will work either way. The app mainly tracks noises, as it’s meant to record your snores, talking in your sleep, movement, if you toss and turn in bed a lot, etc.

How To Save Battery In Pokemon Sleep

The reason that you should use it while you’re sleeping or doing offhand activities is that the app will turn on your microphone and may eat away at your battery. When tested, the app didn’t drain a lot of power or overheat the phone as long as the phone wasn’t being used on other heavy apps like YouTube.

Pokemon Sleep is the perfect game for making something dull into a cute game that will actually motivate you to stay on a good sleep schedule. For more advice on how to play it, follow us at Touch Tap Play!

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How to Play Pokemon Sleep – Tips and Tricks