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Does Pokémon Sleep Drain Battery? – Answered

This guide answers whether using Pokémon Sleep drains you device's battery or not.

Started using the Pokémon Sleep app, and suddenly your device is consuming a lot more battery life than before using the app? Don’t worry! Keep reading our guide as we discuss whether the Pokémon Sleep actually drains the battery or if it’s just a hardware issue from the user’s side. 

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Does Pokémon Sleep Drain Battery?

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The short answer is yes! Pokémon Sleep does drain a considerable amount of battery depending on several factors, including which device you are using, how old the device is, the battery tear, total power in terms of mAH, and other such things. 

Many players in the community raised concerns that Pokémon Sleep was draining a ton of battery while tracking their sleep. One of the players tracked the percentage change while running Pokémon Sleep, and here is what he had to say, “I tested it over the night, and it took roughly 24% of my Huawei P30’s battery for an 8-hour sleep cycle.”

Another user pointed out, “In my case, the battery drain wasn’t so big. For a 7 hours bedtime, it drained about 25% of my phone’s battery. It is an iPhone 13 Pro.”

Even big brands like Apple and Samsung are affected by the Pokémon Sleep battery drain issue as another user noticed his “Galaxy A71 went from 95% at 1 am to 60% at 8 am when he woke up. He turned off wifi and had flight mode as well as power saving mode active after starting the sleep session.”

According to the game’s official page, the Pokémon GO Plus+ helps with the battery drain issue as it “uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to link with Pokémon Sleep.” Now, the Pokémon Company has no explanation for why the app would not use other existing pieces of hardware (Smartwatches, for example) to lessen the battery depletion rate. From the looks of it, it is quite a way to sell new hardware. 

That concludes our guide as we have answered does Pokémon Sleep drain battery? For more on the game, check out our dedicated Pokémon Sleep section

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Does Pokémon Sleep Drain Battery? – Answered