Full List Of Status Effects and Conditions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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The release of a brand-new Pokemon game tends to also bring new players to the franchise, many of whom have never experienced the games. If that is you, one of the first things to learn about Pokemon battles is status effects and conditions. This means your Pokemon’s health and ability to battle are compromised as a result of an enemy’s attack. Your units can be frozen, paralyzed, poisoned, and so on.

The specific effects of each one depends on the element of the enemy’s move. Status effects can also come from non-elemental attacks, such as being wrapped or confused. This is the full list of status effects and conditions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Common Status Effects

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  • Paralysis
  • Paralysis typically comes from Pokemon using electric-based attacks. A paralyzed Pokemon will have a chance of not being able to attack at each of its turns. To fix it, use a Paralysis Heal. If a Pokemon has the Limber ability, it will be completely immune from paralysis.
  • Sleep
  • Moves such as Sing can force a Pokemon into the Sleep status. When a Pokemon is sleeping, it can’t attack until it wakes up, which can take a few turns. Pokemon that know the moves Snore or Sleep Talk are the only ones that can attack in their sleep. Abilities such as Insomnia and Vital Spirit will protect the Pokemon that wields it from going to sleep. Sleeping Pokemon can be revived with an Awakening.
  • Poison
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  • Poison is probably the most common status effect you’ll experience in battles, as Poison is an entire type on its own. Many Bug Pokemon use Poison-based moves. Poisoned Pokemon take damage every turn and Badly Poisoned ones take extra damage per turn. Abilities that lessen the effect of Poison include Immunity, Magic Guard, and Poison Heal.
  • Burn
  • Burn is probably the second most common demerit you’ll experience due to the sheer amount of Pokemon that use Fire attacks. Like Poison, Pokemon with the burn status will take damage at every turn. Pokemon with the Water Veil ability are not able to be burned, while abilities like Heatproof and Flare Boost will weaken the effects of Fire-type moves and make Pokemon stronger when burned. You can cure this effect with Burn Heals.
  • Freeze
  • Pokemon with the Freeze status effect cannot move or attack at all until they are thawed out. Frozen Pokemon can be thawed out by a Pokemon using a Fire-type move on them, or else they will thaw out in a random number of turns. You can also use an Ice Heal to speed up the process. Pokemon with the ability Magma Armor cannot become frozen. If Sunny Day is used in battle, it will protect the Pokemon from being frozen.

Hidden Status Effects

  • These status effects aren’t as common as the 5 above, but they are important to watch out for.
  • Flinch
  • Certain attacks like Headbutt and Bite will cause flinching, which makes a Pokemon unable to attack for one turn. The ability Inner Focus will make a Pokemon immune from flinching while the ability Steadfast will increase speed for a Pokemon every time they flinch.
  • Confusion
  • Confusion can come from a variety of different moves. Basically, the Pokemon will become disoriented and may attack itself during its turn. It will usually go away after a certain number of turns. Abilities such as Own Tempo will protect a Pokemon from becoming confused and Tangled Feet will increase the chance of Evasion if a Pokemon is confused.
  • Bind
  • When a Pokemon is bound or trapped, it cannot exit the battle and will take damage every turn unless they have the ability Run Away. You can use items like the Shed Shell or Smoke Ball to flee from battles with this status. Rapid Spin can also remove the effects of a bind.
  • Curse
  • Curse is a niche exclusive to Ghost-type Pokemon. When a Ghost Pokemon uses Curse, the Pokemon will take damage every turn. There is no way to fix this except by either substituting the Pokemon or finishing the fight.
  • Infatuation
  • If a Pokemon uses Attract on your unit and they are the opposite gender, the Pokemon will become immobilized by its infatuation, with a chance of refusing to attack the enemy on a turn. This will go away if the enemy Pokemon faints or you call yours back to the party. The ability Oblivion make Pokemon immune to the effects of Attract.

Items To Cure Status Effects

You can use these to cure most status effects.

  • Lum Berry
  • Heal Powder
  • Full Heal
  • Full Restore
  • Lava Cookie

Hopefully, this taught you all about how to manage status effects, or gave you a refresher if you’re a seasoned player. For more tips on navigating your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet battles, check out Touch Tap Play’s other guides!

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Full List Of Status Effects and Conditions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


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