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Complete List of Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep

Complete List of Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep
Image Via Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sleep is a sleep-tracking app that rewards users with various Pokémon depending on the quality of their sleep, which the app calculates based on several factors, such as how long you sleep, your posture, etc. When you wake up, the Pokémon Sleep app rewards you with a new Pokémon. 

This had many players questioning how many Pokémon are there in Pokémon Sleep. Knowing that will help players aim to get their favorite ones while improving their health by getting decent sleep. So keep reading our guide as we share the complete Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep list, along with details on their type and sleep style. 

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Complete List of Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep

Image Via The Pokémon Company

Here is the complete list of Pokémon that you can get in Pokémon Sleep, as well as their type and sleep style:

PokémonTypeSleep Style
Espeon Psychic Snoozing
Wobbuffet Psychic Snoozing
Wynaut Psychic Slumbering
Altaria Dragon Dozing
Magnezone Steel Slumbering
Magneton Steel Slumbering
Magnemite Steel Slumbering
Glaceon Ice Slumbering
Walrein Ice Slumbering
Sealeo Ice Slumbering
Spheal Ice Slumbering
Absol Dark Dozing
Houndoom Dark Dozing
Houndour Dark Dozing
Tyranitar Dark Dozing
Sableye Dark Dozing
Umbreon Dark Dozing
Swablu Flying Slumbering
Dodrio Flying Slumbering
Doduo Flying Slumbering
Bonsly Rock Slumbering
Pupitar Rock Slumbering
Larvitar Rock Slumbering
Sudowoodo Rock Slumbering
Golem Rock Slumbering
Graveler Rock Slumbering
Geodude Rock Slumbering
RioluFighting Slumbering
Lucario Fighting Slumbering
Primeape Fighting Dozing
Mankey Fighting Dozing
Jigglypuff Fairy Snoozing
Wigglytuff Fairy Snoozing
Igglybuff Fairy Slumbering
Togepi Fairy Slumbering
Togetic Fairy Slumbering
Togekiss Fairy Snoozing
Sylveon Fairy Snoozing
Gengar Ghost Dozing
Haunter Ghost Dozing
Gastly Ghost Dozing
Marowak Ground Slumbering
Cubone Ground Slumbering
Dugtrio Ground Snoozing
Diglett Ground Snoozing
Ampharos Electric Snoozing
Flaaffy Electric Snoozing
Mareep Electric Snoozing
Jolteon Electric Snoozing
Raichu Electric Snoozing
Pikachu Electric Snoozing
Pichu Electric Slumbering
Toxicroak Poison Dozing
Croagunk Poison Dozing
Swalot Poison Dozing
Gulpin Poison Dozing
Arbok Poison Dozing
Ekans Poison Dozing
Slaking Normal Snoozing
Vigoroth Normal Dozing
Slakoth Normal Snoozing
Eevee Normal Snoozing
Ditto Normal Snoozing
Kangaskhan Normal Snoozing
Persian Normal Snoozing
Meowth Normal Snoozing
Raticate Normal Snoozing
Rattata Normal Snoozing
Heracross Bug Dozing
Pinsir Bug Dozing
Butterfree Bug Dozing
Metapod Bug Dozing
Caterpie Bug Dozing
Feraligatr Water Slumbering
CroconawWater Slumbering
Totodile Water Slumbering
Slowking Water Snoozing
Slowbro Water Snoozing
Slowpoke Water Snoozing
Golduck Water Slumbering
Psyduck Water Dozing
Vaporeon Water Slumbering
Blastoise Water Slumbering
Wartortle Water Slumbering
Squirtle Water Slumbering
Arcanine Fire Snoozing
Growlithe Fire Snoozing
Flareon Fire Snoozing
Typhlosion Fire Snoozing
Quilava Fire Snoozing
Cyndaquil Fire Snoozing
Charizard Fire Snoozing
Charmeleon Fire Snoozing
Charmander Fire Snoozing
Leafeon Grass Dozing
Victreebel Grass Dozing
Weepinbell Grass Dozing
Bellsprout Grass Dozing
Meganium Grass Dozing
Bayleef Grass Dozing
Chikorita Grass Dozing
Venusaur Grass Dozing
Ivysaur Grass Dozing
Bulbasaur Grass Dozing

That concludes our guide on the complete list of Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Pokémon Sleep section

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Complete List of Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep