How to Play Naga in Hearthstone – Guide, and Tips


Among the many game modes of Hearthstone, even the most demanding player will be able to find something to their liking. But for several years now, the most popular mode in the game has been Battleground.

Diverse gameplay and endless scope for strategies make this mode incredibly interesting, and constant card updates will not let even avid players get bored. Today we will talk about one of these updates, during which Nagas were added to the Battleground, and we will also tell you how to play using these sea creatures.

How to Play Naga in Hearthstone – Guide, and Tips

Nagas have been added to the game recently and introduced a new keyword, Spellcraft, to the Battleground mode. Even though spells were never a main part of the gameplay, they fit perfectly into the gaming meta and allowed players to create even more powerful strategies. A naga with the Spellcraft effect will grant you the spell listed in its description every turn, and the effect of the spell will last only one turn. But many other Nagas help make the effect of spells permanent or use it several times per turn.

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In total to the Battleground, 15 Nagas and one creature were added. All Nagas are incredibly strong and can compete with any other creatures in Battleground mode, but before going into battle, you need to figure out how to play.

How to Play Naga

If you have played Battleground mode before, then don’t worry, as the principle of the game remains the same. As before, you need to play based on the effects of the card and try to upgrade the tavern to get more powerful creatures.

To understand games using Nag, you need to learn a few strategies:

  • Lava Lurker Level 2 is the first Naga you should target. Thanks to his saving effects, you can make him incredibly strong by using the effects of cards like Deep Sea Angler, Glowscale, and Eelbound Archer on him, and in the later game, use Critter Wrangler.
  • Also, try to use The Tier 2 Snail Cavalry whenever possible. In addition to the fact that you can strengthen this creature with spells, it will receive +2 HP after each of your spells.
  • A combination of Tier 3 Stormscale Siren and the Tier 5 Glowscale is also a great solution. Glowscale will allow you to give creatures a divine shield, and Stormscale Siren will apply this effect to Glowscale itself. Thanks to this, your table will be able to withstand a few more impacts.
  • With many spells, you can make your Nagas much more powerful, and Tier 3 Pashmar the Vengeful will help you with that. Spellcasting is the way to win if you’re playing with Naga, but it’s important to use spells wisely.

Do you have any additional tips for playing Naga in Hearthstone? Feel free to share them in the comments section below to everyone can see!

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How to Play Naga in Hearthstone – Guide, and Tips


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