How to Counter Quest Hunter in Hearthstone 2022 – Guide and Tips

How to Counter Quest Hunter in Hearthstone 2022 - Guide and Tips

Everyone who plays an exciting game called Hearthstone knows that sometimes developers make you happy with good quests, and today we will talk about Quest Hunter and how to counter it. Many fans of the game state that, at the moment, Quest Hunter is the best deck and a free legend rank.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend doing it! That is why we have prepared a detailed guide covering how to counter Quest Hunter in Hearthstone 2022. Are you interested? Then keep reading!

How Can You Counter Quest Hunter in Hearthstone

Except for the Ramp Druid, Quest Hunter is great versus the stuff that doesn’t put pressure on board and folds if you decide to put pressure on board.

Also, keep in mind that it is also great versus small minions. However, that will consume the resources, and it is not good versus tall minions.

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To sum everything up, everything that can put heavy minion pressure altogether (like Libram Paladin, Handlock, and even Ramp Druid (particularly the token variant) is good versus them. 

Moreover, we recommend looking into a nice deathrattle deck if one is out there.

So, Quest Hunter is good against slower control and combo-type decks and loses to minions. 

To sum everything up, Quest Hunter is superior, and we highly recommend giving it a shot! Moreover, now you know how to counter it, so try now with no postponing! Have fun!

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How to Counter Quest Hunter in Hearthstone 2022 – Guide and Tips


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