What Does Hearthstone’s Rise of the Naga Include


Hearthstone is a popular collectible card game where you will be able to collect lots of different cards and create your own decks with them. The game receives lots of content updates that bring new cards, mechanics, and other features. It seems that the newest update is going to add some interesting stuff. So, this guide will tell you what Hearthstone’s Rise of the Naga update includes.

Rise of the Naga in Hearthstone

Hearthstone is one of the best collectible card games with lots of different mechanics that allow you to create unique decks. Also, the developers are actively updating their game with new content and the upcoming Rise of the Naga is going to bring some interesting features.

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The first and the most important addition is the new type of cards. It is called Naga and these creatures are sensitive to magic. They are able to synergize with each other and with your spells. So, some of their effects can be triggered with magic. Also, they have a new mechanic that is called Spellcraft.

Some of the Naga minions have their own magic spells that they provide you with. These spells can be different and their effects are written on minion cards. Also, there are some cards that are able to synergize with this special effect. For example, there will be a new card that is called Stormscale Siren and she will be able to activate other units’ spellcraft effects.

The second thing that we are going to talk about is the new hero. Her name is Queen Azshara and she is known as the great leader of Naga. Her unique feature is her ability that allows Azshara to turn into her Naga form when her minions on the field have 30 Attack in total. The Azshara Naga form provides her with the ability to discover Naga minions.

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What Does Hearthstone’s Rise of the Naga Include


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