How to Play Kao the Kangaroo – Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners

Kao the Kangaroo All Costumes List Guide

The fans of Kao the Kangaroo know that playing this character is about running, jumping, fighting, and exploring. It may seem that nothing is challenging about that. Still, there are various tips and tricks everyone should know to play the game successfully. There are some secrets knowing which will allow you to start successfully and reach the highest results.

That is why we have prepared a detailed guide covering the topic. Keep reading to be in the loop!

Playing Kao the Kangaroo – Guide, Tips, and Tricks

There are several pieces of advice we want you to know.

First, it is essential to keep exploring and looking for secrets constantly. For example, you may locate a hidden treasure if you look attentively around tucked-away platforms, etc.

As soon as you get coins in the game, spend them! In this game, coins just keep adding up. So, head to the shop and purchase some heart containers, costumes, and other helpful stuff.

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Make sure to hit checkpoints for hearts and coins. Checkpoints are dotted fairly liberally through levels, and they hold a secret. Hit a checkpoint again and again, and it’ll spew coins and a heart.

Once in combat, pay attention to enemies and the dots over their heads as this is the signal that they will attack. Press circle (or B on an Xbox controller), and you’ll do a dodge roll. Hit dodge each time you see those dots appear.

Above your head in battle, there will be a triangle button (or Y on Xbox) once in a while. It does a powerful area attack, damaging anything in its radius. So we recommend waiting till there are several enemies nearby and hitting it.

Now you know how to play Kao the Kangaroo. Follow our instructions and have fun playing!

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How to Play Kao the Kangaroo – Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners


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