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How to Play as the Guardian Angel Role in Among Us

How to Play as the Guardian Angel Role in Among Us

All the players of Among Us know that there were mods for new roles. Now the game creators added several positions, and the Guardian Angel is one of them. Do you want to interact with your teammates? Or perhaps you are interested in impostering as a ghost? This mode will make the process of playing the game more challenging.

One more feature of the Guardian Angels is that they can see a blue aura where the living creatures are and marks a shield can be used on them. The only thing left is to time it correctly to apply the protection to the crewmate instead of an imposter. This guide will fully cover how to play the Guardian Angel Role in Among Us. Keep reading!

​Instruction on Playing as the Guardian Angel Role in Among Us

For the first, please determine not less than one imposter as someone has killed them. Still, you may not know who the second imposter is, and a Guardian Angel may mistakenly apply the shield on them but not on their teammates. That is why we recommend being very attentive and looking at each move of everyone surrounding you attentively. Also, it is a great idea to use the shield only at those moments when an imposter wants to attack. So, the length of protection will be short (several seconds), and the cooldown makes it challenging to apply it to the teammate once again if it wears off before the attack.

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It may seem difficult to play as the Guardian Angel because of the unique ability’s cooldown and the restricted limit of time for the shield. Using the protection correctly for the first time is almost impossible; still, practice makes perfect. Also, your ability to predict a scary moment and act correctly matters.

So, we recommend you try playing Guardian Angel in Among Us to learn something new and enjoy the unique aspects of the game.

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How to Play as the Guardian Angel Role in Among Us


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