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What do Beans do in Among Us?

What do Beans do in Among Us?
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In Among Us, players are rewarded with Red coloured beans and MIRA Pods after every match. It’s a basic feature in the game. However, most players who are rewarded with Beans simply store and amass them without knowing how to spend them or what to spend them on.

So in this article we’ll be showing you how what these Beans are used for and where you can use them to buy customizations in Among us.

Treat and Polus Cosmicube Bundles


First of, if you want to use or spend your Beans in Among us, you’ll click on the $ sign below the main menu screen and enter the shop. Once in the shop, click on the four coloured button and it’ll take you a different section in the shop titled Cosmicubes.


Once there, you’ll see items that you can purchase such as Airship Cosmicube, Treat Cosmicube, Trick Cosmicube and Polus Cosmicube. Click on the Polus Cosmicube and enter it, you’ll see a lot of costumes, nameplates, and pets.


You can spend your Beans here and unlock various types of costumes, nameplates and pets that you can use in the game. You’ll need atleast 3,000 Beans to unlock the contents in the Polus Cosmicube bundle.


Another way to spend your Beans is in the Treat Cosmicube section. Similar to Polus Cosmicube, this bundle also offers unique types of costumes that you can buy with your Beans. Some of them include a Mummy costume, a Witch hat, and various hairstyles. You’ll need 2,600 Beans to buy this bundle.



Another way you can use your Beans is via the Visors section in the shop as well. The Visors items all look kind of similar but with minor differences. Which as you can see makes them not as expensive as the Polus and Treat Cosmicube bundles.



You can use your Beans to purchase skins in the game. Skins give your character a unique look and they’re also not very expensive as well. You can get a White or Dark Scientist skin for 300 Beans.



There are also varieties of hats that you can purchase with your Beans from the Shop. The hat section has been around for a long time and it doesn’t really offer anything new or unique but they’re also not very expensive and contains lots of hat options for hat lovers.


That’s it from us on how you can use your Beans in Among us and we hope this brief guide has given you a good understanding on how you can spend all those Beans you’ve been saving up.

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What do Beans do in Among Us?


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