How to Play Archer in Legends of Idleon – Guide, and Tips

How to Play Archer in Legends of Idleon - Guide, and Tips

Legends of Idleon is an exciting 2D MMO in which you have to create your own adventurer’s guild, which will consist of characters that you create yourself. The game has many interesting character classes, and you can play for each of them. To create a strong guild you will have to learn how to play for each character, and today we will tell you how to play as an archer.

How to Play Archer in Legends of Idleon – Guide, and Tips

The Archer is an incredibly fast and deadly class that will help you get through the first world and the initial stages of the second world.

The archer is a ranged character, and therefore your progress in the game depends on his accuracy. To slightly increase accuracy and with a 100% chance to hit enemies, you need to invest skill points in Strength at the beginning of the game. This also ensures that you have enough damage to hit enemies in the future, and also investing skill points into strength will become a solid foundation for any further archer build.

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For the initial skill points tab, you need to choose the following skills:

  • Fist of Rage. This skill is your main source of strength and therefore accuracy. Raise the skill level to 30 and start investing skill points in other skills.
  • Sharpened Axe. It will increase the strength of your weapon, due to which the damage from the shot will increase significantly. Level up this skill to level 25-30. After that, start investing skill points in Gilded Sword.
  • Gilded Sword. This skill will also increase your damage. When you level up this one to level 25, start alternating your skill point investment between the first three skills until all three are level 50.
  • Idle shooting. Start leveling up this skill only after you have improved the previous ones. This skill will increase the effectiveness of your archer when you are not in the game.

For the skill points secondary tab, you need to choose the following skills:

  • Piercing Arrow
  • Kung Fu Kick
  • Strafe
  • High Polymer Limbs
  • Have Another

If you want to get the most out of your archer, Piercing Arrow should level up to level 100. Read the descriptions of the rest of the skills and invest skill points in what seems more necessary to you.

That’s all you need to know about how to play an archer. Well, everything else depends on practice and your skills.

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How to Play Archer in Legends of Idleon – Guide, and Tips


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