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How to Pet Cats in Forspoken – Guide

How to Pet Cats in Forspoken – Guide

Forspoken, the long-awaited sci-fi adventure game from Square Enix has finally launched. Although the game reviews have so far been positive, Square Enix’s new big title appears to be making rounds on PlayStation 5, with some already tipping it as a worthy Game of the Year contender.

Like many other open-world games, there’s a lot you can do in Forspoken while traversing the stunning world of Athia as Frey (Ella Balinska), a New Yorker who mysteriously finds herself in the ancient land that’s filled with limitless possibilities with her newfound powers that’ll help her battle foes of many kinds. So in this article, we’ll be going over how to pet cats in Forspoken.

How to Pet Cats in Forspoken – Guide

Ever since the release of Stray, which saw players control a stray cat in an apocalyptic world where humans have all gone extinct, cats in games have become a big deal nowadays. Stray has proved that simply having those furry little guys as pets in a game is guaranteed to melt the hearts of many players.

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Forspoken is the newest game to keep this trend alive by allowing players to pet and interact with various types of cats called Familiars. The cats in Forspoken each have attributes that make them unique such as horns and wings (yes, they can fly). So it’s up to Frey to explore the lands and find these cats and befriend them.

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To find these cats, open the in-game map and look for tiny pawprints that correspond with Tanta Familiar Monuments. Upon reaching these monuments, you’ll be able to summon pets of the past Tantas of Athia, which is how can catch one of the Familiars/cats.

Cats are usually nearby and you can use Cuff to scan for them. When you find one, they’ll usually be napping so be careful not to spook them with your approach. You can hold L2 to crouch and approach them without raising too much noise. If you did spook them, you can wait a while for them to calm down and go to sleep again then you try and approach them again.

When you get close to them, you’ll see a yellow exclamation point above the cat, when this comes up, stop moving. And when you get very close to the cat, press R2 to pet the cat and catch it before it disappears into thin air.

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How to Pet Cats in Forspoken – Guide


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