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Does Forspoken Have Multiplayer? – Answered

Does Forspoken Have Multiplayer? – Answered
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Want to know whether Square Enix’s newest IP, Forspoken, has multiplayer? Then look no further, as in this guide, we talk about the availability of Multiplayer in Forspoken while sharing a few other details. 

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Does Forspoken Have Multiplayer?

Forspoken New Game Plus Mode
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No! Forspoken is a single-player story-driven action roleplaying game that doesn’t offer multiplayer functionality in any shape or form. 

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Forspoken is a generic isekai game where the main protagonist, Frey, founds herself in the fantasy world of Athia under the tyrannical rule of the Tantas. And as an isekai protagonist, it falls upon Frey and her trusty bracelet, Cuff, to fix everything wrong in Athia.

While the world of Athia is filled with “not so unique” quests and activities, similar to the content offered in many massively multiplayer games, sadly, Forspoken allows you to tackle them solo. 

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Though there have been single-player story-driven games in the past, like Ghost of Tshushima, that didn’t offer any multiplayer options at the time of release but added co-op and multiplayer modes through a DLC update.

For now, there are no official details on Forspoken to add a Multiplayer mode, but a DLC named Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust is planned to release later this year. 

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The exact contents of the DLC are still unknown, and we don’t know which areas of the game will it touch. While Forspoken having a multiplayer mode seems like a far-fetched dream, there are still possibilities. 

That concludes our guide on does Forspoken has a multiplayer mode.

Forspoken is currently available on the PC and PlayStation platforms.  

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Does Forspoken Have Multiplayer? – Answered


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