How to Pay Ransom in Bitlife

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Bitlife is the most popular real-life simulator. This game allows you to live an authentic life, with all its troubles and benefits. One of the worst things you might face is kidnapping. So, what to do in this case, and how to pay ransom in BitLife? Read this guide, and you will understand.

Paying Ransom in Bitlife 

If your hero in Bitlife is an average person and has less than a million dollars you should not care about the kidnapping. However, if your character is a famous person or part of a big business, close to him people might be kidnapped. It refers to your parents, friends, beloved person, and pets. However, do not be surprised if this list will be increased in future Bitlife updates.

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And when those people will be stolen, a notification window will appear on your screen with three options: Do nothing, Pay Ransom, or Involve the police.

The point is that you will give a lot of money to the kidnappers by paying the ransom, but it still gives you a comparatively small chance to get back the stolen person. Therefore paying the ransom is a hard decision. You need to consider the problem and the result before making it.

In practice, a much better decision will be to involve the police. You will get the same chance to return the victim but will not spend your money. What is more, you should not pay attention to the warnings you will get. It will be just threats to force you to pay money.

In conclusion, paying the ransom is a responsible decision. Do it only if you have a lot of free money and want to use every chance, even if it is overvalued. So, that is all with Ransom in Bitlife. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Pay Ransom in Bitlife


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