Can You Become a Bitizen for Free in Bitlife?


Bitlife is a free-to-play game. Therefore, when you are playing the game, you might face a considerable number of ads. It interrupts a lot if you spend many hours in the game daily. One of the ways to get rid of ads is to become a bitizen. How to do it? Read the guide, and you will understand.

Becoming a Bitizen in Bitlife

Generally, bitizenship is pretty useful. It might firmly simplify your game and is especially effective if you play frequently. Also, bitizenship is a one-time payment. So, by purchasing it one time, you will be getting your bonuses constantly. So, what are the benefits of becoming a Bitizen?

  • Bitizenship permanently turns off advertisements. This is the main benefit of purchasing it. Also, you can send your character to the movie theatre to increase happiness and health for free.
  • You can play unlimitedly. If you play without bitizenship, you can continue playing for only two generations after your character passes out. For Bitizens this amount is unlimited. 
  • If you are bitizen, you have more options in purchasing pets. There will be an exotic pet dealer and a horse ranch.

There are way more perks that bitizenship offers to you. However, they are not so essential to talk about them. But it is good to talk about the price of this boost. So, bitizenship costs 4.99$ including taxes. However, it might slightly depend on your country of residence.

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Unfortunately, there is no legal way to get bitizenship for free. All YouTube videos that suggest you download other apps to get Bitlife+ or become Bitizen for free are just fake.

The only way to get this boost for free is to download a fully-hacked Bitlife version from the internet. However, it works only with Android devices. So, that is all with becoming a Bitizen in Bitlife. Hope you find this guide helpful.

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Can You Become a Bitizen for Free in Bitlife?


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