Just like in real life, in BitLife most people don’t own a lot of property and money. Only those who were lucky enough to be born in a family with all of this are rich, but this is a minority. In moments like that, this life simulator is not different from reality, and just like in real life there is a couple of ways to become rich and famous.

One of these options is to marry a member of any Royal family. It can be anyone like The Prince of Great Britain or The Japanese Emperor. Whoever you want to marry, it won’t be a simple task, and this guide will explain to you all the details about the meeting, dating, and marrying some noble person if you weren’t born as one.

How to Meet a Royal in BitLife

The first thing you will need to marry a Royal person in BitLife is to meet him or her somewhere. The best way to make your searching simpler is to live in a country with a monarchy. The list of these countries is not big. It should be Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, or the United Kingdom. Then you will simply need to run into one of the Royal family members. It may happen randomly, for example in the gym where you can meet one of them during their workout.

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How to Seduce a Royal in BitLife

So, you got lucky enough to meet a member of the Royal family in BitLife but how to marry one of them? You will need to have good looks. Just use a reroll function until you get a good level of look and then improve it via going to the gym and practicing some martial arts.

When you will have good looks and meet a person from the Royal family you will have an opportunity to start a relationship. There is also an alternative way. You will need to become a famous singer, actor, etc. and you will be able to meet and start dating a member of the Royal family. We can only wish you good luck as it is not a simple task.

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