BitLife is a life simulating game and like in real life becoming a rich person is a goal for many people. Fortunately, in the game, this desire is much simpler to be achieved and requires lesser risks to accomplish. This guide will tell you about the best ways to get rich and have a wealth of more than 1,000,000 dollars.

How to Get Rich

Getting Rich in BitLife may be simpler than in real life but still, you will need to work hard. Few ways are great to earn money. The first way is to become famous. You can choose any popular career you like an actor, writer, singer, DJ, or even a porn star. From the beginning, you should improve your look and keep it in good condition around 80%. Go to the gym or start some martial arts practice and try to find a job that can make you famous after you graduate from High School.

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The next thing you should do is to join all possible social media and when you will become famous you will get a lot of followers there. It will allow you to earn money via product placement. Work hard on your job, look for better positions, improve your fame and you will become rich by obtaining more and more money.

However, you still can use this money to get even more. For example, you could try to buy Real Estate. Just buy the houses and get the money from them. This way works in a long term but is very stable.

Also, you could use some cheap ways to become rich. For example, win a big prize in a Casino via playing Blackjack. Another easy option is to marry someone old and rich so you will be able to get all of this person’s money. BitLife has plenty of different ways to get rich. Some of them will demand real efforts while with the others we only can wish you good luck.

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