The stair is a special type of platform in Terraria which players can use to traverse verticality. Base building is a crucial part of Terraria and while building your base, you need stairs to connect different floors. However, making the stairs in Terraria is a daunting task for new players who aren’t aware of the involved procedure. To help such players out, here is a handy guide on how to make stairs in Terraria.

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How to Make Stairs

To make Stairs in Terraria, players need three things, a wooden hammer, platforms, and a pickaxe(optional). Once you have all the items, go to the place where you want to make the stairs.

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Place the platforms diagonally or in any shape you want the stairs to be. Diagonal stairs are common and mostly used. Once you have placed the platforms, select the wooden hammer and tap or click on the platforms to connect them, making a stair.

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You can use the pickaxe to destroy a wrongly built platform or any portion of the stair. That’s all, this is how you make a stair in Terraria. Before ending the article, here is how you can craft a wooden hammer, platform, and pickaxe in Terraria.

How to Craft Wooden Hammer

You can craft a wooden hammer at a workbench, all you need is eight wood materials.

How to Craft Platform

Depending on the type of platform, you need the same material type to craft the platform blocks. Hard to understand? here is an example –

  • You can craft wooden platform using wood.
  • You can craft Bone platform using Bone.
  • You can craft Bamboo platform using Bamboo and so on.

How to Craft Pickaxe

There is a wide variety of Pickaxe in Terraria which players can craft or get in the game. You can craft an iron pickaxe, all you need is 12 iron bars and 3 bits of wood.

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Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game currently available on PS4, Xbox, Android, PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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