Terraria has some inaccessible, unreachable places. But players can reach some of them with ropes. Ropes serve the same purpose as Chains and Streamers.

Ropes are placeable items in Terraria that you can use to reach places. There are a few different types of ropes that can be easily obtained or crafted.

Terraria: How to Craft and Use Rope

Crafting a rope and using it is not at all a difficult task. However, you first need to get acquainted with the different types of ropes so you know which one is best for you.

Types of Rope in Terraria

So there are 4 kinds of rope –

Rope (Terraria Wiki)
  • The usual Rope can be found in Chests and Pots. Sometimes, the slimes drop the Rope too. Alternatively, you can buy it off of Merchant or Skeleton Merchant. A piece of Rope will cost you 10 Copper Coins.
Vine Rope (Terraria Wiki)
  • Vine Rope is obtained by destroying the vines. However, make sure that you have equipped the Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage as you destroy the vines.
Web Rope (Terraria Wiki)
  • Web Rope can be crafted from cobwebs. You need 1 cobweb and you can simply craft the Web Rope by hand.
Silk Rope (Terraria Wiki)
  • Silk Rope needs 1 silk to make. To craft the Silk Rope, you will have to look for a Loom.

How to Use Ropes in Terraria

In Terraria, ropes are used for climbing up, moving horizontally, reaching inaccessible locations, and more. It doesn’t matter if the Rope is anchored or not, you can still use it as it is a placeable item.

Using Rope (Terraria Wiki)

To place a Rope, you need to have a background of blocks. You can also extend a pre-existing Rope with your Rope. Players can also build a hellevator using ropes.

Coil (Terraria Wiki)

If you have 10 ropes of a kind, you can put them together in a rope coil. For instance, if you have 10 Web Ropes, you can make a Web Rope Coil. These coils are useful for reaching hard-to-reach places.

The Web Rope and Silk Rope are resistant to falling lava, Vine Rope and Rope are not.

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