Terraria, the action-adventure sandbox game, never fails to surprise players with unusual items and weapons. If you thought that yoyos were cool, wait till you see the Coin Gun.

The Coin Gun is exactly what it sounds like – a gun that fires coins. Depending on the coins you use, the gun can be one of the most powerful Hardmode weapons. However, getting your hands on this gun can be a challenge. Here’s a brief guide on how to get it.

Terraria: How to Get and Use the Coin Gun

First things first, the Coin Gun is a Hardmode weapon. You cannot craft the Coin Gun, but you can find it in drops. As there are no bosses that drop it, it is very difficult to come by.

Coin Gun (Terraria Wiki)

You can find the Coin Gun only by defeating Pirate Invasion enemies. The Flying Dutchman and Pirate Captain have a higher chance of dropping it. However, this is no surefire way of getting the gun as the chances are low.

Pirate Corsair, Pirate Crossbower, Pirate Deadeye, and Pirate Deckhand all have a 0.0125% chance of dropping it.

If you are extremely lucky, you might actually get the Coin Gun. Before you start firing coins, there are a few things you need to know.

Coin Gun (Terraria Wiki)

The damage done to enemies varies with the coins. This means that copper coins would deal 25 damage and silver coins do 50 damage. Meanwhile, gold and platinum coins do 100 and 200 damage respectively.

The Coin Gun has very fast use time and a weak knockback. The gun, all by itself, has no damage points. The damage depends on the coins you use.

The gun consumes the coins in the alloted slot first before using the coins from inventory. If you are not attentive enough, then this gun can be one costly affair.

You can use Ammo Reservation Potion, Ammo Box, Shroomite Armor, and other items that conserve ammo for the Coin Gun.

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