How to make Potions in Ooblets


Ooblets is a cosy game available to play on Nintendo Switch, via Epic Games, or on the Xbox One. Players can farm land, grow friends, have dance battles, and explore the surrounding areas. The game has cool customisations for your character to reflect your own style, and the chance to build your own team of Ooblets who can be levelled up to unlock new dance moves. There is a fun new potion players can use to make their Ooblets grow large, or shrink to normal size. Find out here how to make potions in Ooblets.

Potions in Ooblets

The potion arrived with the Nullwhere update. This update brought spooky gloom to the bright and upbeat game, along with some new characters and quests. This Halloween themed update brought a new swampy area with gnarly trees and stormy weather!

Nullwhere ooblets
Nullwhere (Ooblets)

This place may have a creepy aesthetic but it keeps the humor and pleasant atmosphere that the rest of the game has. In Nullwhere, players will come across a witch who lives in the woods and sells potions- this is where you will get the potion to make you Ooblet larger or smaller!

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Wilba the Witch sells potions from her hut. The Essence of Embiggening makes your Ooblet 3 X as large, and the Tinycure of Tinying makes it 3 X as small again. Each costs 2 Gembers (in-game currency). Purchase either from Wilba the Witch at Nullwhere!

Arah ooblets
Arah (Ooblets)

The other potion you may need is the one Arah asks for. This one just needs you to collect 3 Boregus, a fancy mushroom. When you complete this task for Arah, you receive a reward of 30 Gummies and 40 Friendship Points!

That is all we know about potions in Ooblets! Let us know in the comments what your favourite Ooblet is and if you will give it the Essence of Embiggening! Happy gaming.

Play Ooblets on Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store, and on Xbox One.

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How to make Potions in Ooblets


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