It might seem that you have everything that it takes in terms of gold when you start playing Clash Royale first, but you will soon find out that you need more and more. Getting gold in the game is not the easiest thing to do and unless you are patient and a smart player, you will start spending a lot of real life money for the in-game currency. I am here to help you not do that by sharing some Clash Royale tips on how to get more gold in the game and be able to upgrade all your cards.

Don’t forget to also check out our Clash Royale cheats and tips article once you’re done with this if you want even more useful information for the game. Now let’s move on and let’s see how to make more gold in Clash Royale (make more money – it doesn’t really matter how you call it!)

The easiest way to get more gold is, of course, the one that also costs you real life money: you can purchase Gold from the Shop by spending Gems (which are the premium currency of the game). 60 Gems give you 1,000 coins, 500 Gems give you 10,000 and 4,500 give you 100,000. It’s obvious from checking these numbers, that if you even end up paying gems for in-game gold, you should always go for the bigger rewards (since they give you more gold per dollar). However, you can still get decent amounts of gold for free!

The easiest way to do it is by opening chests. Depending on the quality of the chest, you will get more or less gold, but you will always get some and the amounts are decent. You also get free chests every now and then in the game and they have nice rewards for you. So if you are active in the game and are always working on unlocking chests, you’re on your way to greatness!

Also, once you reach level 3, you can and should join a clan. An active one as well, because you can also receive gold in Clash Royale by sending cards to your clan mates (plus you can receive valuable cards from them as well – that’s why it pays to be in a super clan!) Your clan mates lose no money when you give them cards, but you do lose your card. However, you can outplay and outsmart this if you are in a very active clan and you keep sending and receiving the same type of card. This makes it a lot easier to make a ton of money easily, but also requires a bit of organization. However, even if you are not in an active and organized clan, you can still take advantage of the rewards and get those coins by sending cards you don’t need!

These are, right now, the only ways of making more gold in Clash Royale, but I am sure that Supercell will change things around with future updates and they will give us more methods to make regular money to upgrade our cards. But until then, we can take advantage of what we have and still get enough to keep on playing and be good at the game!

Do you have any other tips and tricks for players who are trying to find how to make more gold in Clash Royale? As long as the methods are legal, please share them with us in the comment section below!



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