How to Make Money Fast in Stardew Valley

This article will share the success secrets in the game Stardew Valley and show you how to make money fast from different perspectives.

We will aim to make artisan goods with the help of high-value crops. Then we will sell these goods.

This is possible only by leveling up your farming skills and unlocking the devices for artisan goods production. The pattern of making money is simple: be involved in maintenance in the morning and mining in the afternoon. Also, please keep EVERYTHING you have gathered (like wood, ore, etc.).

Try to descend quickly in the mines. You will always have the possibility to return to the previous floors if you need ore.

Please don’t waste your time rebuilding the community center, as it will be way faster to get the town upgrades via the Joja Warehouse.

Your top priority must be to repair the minecarts and build a Greenhouse. Moreover, to go through all the mines at a decent clip, you need to upgrade your pickaxe.

Below we will guide you through your first-year optimization process. Stay tuned!

​Season-by-season optimization process

Start your Spring by planting potatoes and parsnips. Your task is to save money for the Egg Festival (the 13th of Spring). To get this money, sell all your crop on the 12th of Spring. Use all your money to buy Strawberry Seeds at the Festival and plant them all as the bushes will regrow. It will take eight days for the seeds to grow and give you crop every four days. In this way, you will get three entire crops. It is excellent if, by the end of Spring, your farming skill allows you to unlock basic sprinklers.

At the beginning of Summer, check your farming skill below “four” plant Blueberries as you will get several berries per plant. Moreover, there will be no need to regrow them after harvesting. If your farming skill is “four,” plant Melons as the Preserves Jar will be unlocked in this case, and you will be able to turn your vegetables into pickles and fruits into jam. Making Preserves Jars is not pricey, so craft as many of them as you can. For making them, use the materials from mining.

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The best bet for Fall is pumpkins. Grapes are not your best choice. And though raw crop cranberries are a higher yield, still, you will get more per unit for pumpkins. This is beneficial for the Preserves Jars.

With the increased profits, expand your crops’ size and make sure to build the Preserves Jars and Sprinklers. Upgrade the tools that you use and perhaps even create your first shed. Do your best to unlock Quality Sprinklers in Fall or at least in Winter. Craft as many of them as possible.

In Winter, you will aim to create inter Seeds. Four different forage plants are needed to make ten Seeds to grow random wild Winter plants. Great if you were able to build a Greenhouse and save at least some seeds from Fall. Here we need to mention a scarce Ancient Fruit that doesn’t grow in Winter. Its price is 550g per unit. If we count it in the jars of jam, it will be 1150 per each. Your task is to find an “Ancient Seed” artifact to grow Ancient Fruit. Search for it in the mines. Once done, please donate to the library. In return, you will need to get one pack of plantable Ancient Seeds. Besides it, you will get a special recipe that will help you turn any future seed artifacts into the plantable version. It will take one month to grow the Ancient Seed plant, and then every seven days, you will be yielding Ancient Fruit. Keep them in the chest until you unlock the Seed Maker (this will happen at Farming level “nine”). Then process each fruit in it to get one to three Ancient Seeds. Then please plant them, harvest them, and turn them into seeds. Please fill all the Greenhouse with them. If you do everything correctly, at the beginning of the Spring, please plant an entire crop. The next step will be to harvest them all year round. In this way, you will earn a pile of money in no time!

This guide was created to teach you how to make the most money in the shortest period. Don’t waste time on foolish unprofitable activities! Use our guide to reach the highest profits!

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