How to Make Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Eye of Ender

The nearly infinite worlds of Minecraft are divided into three realms: the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. The game begins in the somewhat peaceful Overworld, from where players can access both the Nether and the End.

Reaching the Nether realm is pretty easy, but the real challenge is getting to the End. To get to the final dimension, players will need to locate a stronghold and activate the end portal.

Players will need eyes of ender for finding strongholds and activating end portals. Eye of ender is also required to craft ender chest and end crystal in Minecraft.

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How to craft Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Eye of ender has an easy-to-remember crafting recipe. Minecraft players can craft eyes of ender using ender pearls and blaze powder. Placing both items together in the crafting menu creates eyes of ender.

Crafting recipe

Both ender pearls and blaze powder are mob drops in Minecraft. There is only one way to obtain blaze powder—that is from blazes. Players can find blazes spawning in nether fortresses. On killing them, players get blaze rods and convert them into blaze powder.

There are a few ways to get ender pearls in Minecraft. The most straightforward method is just killing enderman. These tall and horrifying mobs spawn in all three dimensions.

A more peaceful way to get ender pearls is by bartering with Minecraft piglins. There is a 2.18% chance to get 2-4 ender pearls by giving a piglin one gold ingot.

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How to Make Eye of Ender in Minecraft


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