How to Barter with Piglins in Minecraft

Piglin bartering

Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update introduced the brawny piglins. You can find these grunting mobs in nether wastes and crimson forests. Piglins also spawn in bastion remnants, a large structure made of blackstone blocks.

Piglins are often compared to villagers found in the Overworld. While villagers practice trading, piglins can barter various items with you. This article is a guide to piglin bartering in Minecraft.

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Piglin bartering in Minecraft

Piglins are attracted to golden items like golden weapons, armors, tools, raw gold ores, and so on. But when you give them gold ingots, they will drop certain items.

Piglin examining gold

By bartering with piglins, you can obtain the following items in Minecraft:

  • Obsidian
  • Crying obsidian
  • Nether quartz
  • Book enchanted with Soul Speed
  • Boot enchanted with Soul Speed
  • Splash or normal potion of Fire Resistance
  • Water bottle
  • Iron nugget
  • String
  • Ender pearl
  • Leather
  • Fire charge
  • Soul sand
  • Blackstone
  • Gravel
  • Spectral arrow/normal arrow
  • Nether brick

That’s a long list of items you can get by bartering with piglins in Minecraft. You can throw a gold ingot near a piglin or right-click on it with a gold ingot to start the bartering process. The piglin will examine the given gold for a few seconds and then drop items.

The only downside to bartering is that you cannot choose which item you will receive. On the bright side, bartering is easy to automate. With a steady source of gold, you can easily create a bartering system to farm each item mentioned in the above list.

Here is a bartering farm tutorial connected to a gold farm shared by Raysworks. Bartering farms are a reliable source of blackstone, soul sand, gravel, and other such items, which were previously non-renewable.

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How to Barter with Piglins in Minecraft


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